OnLy RM15
SuiTabLe fOr SwEEt aNd sPuNky gUrlZ...
VeRy NiCe iF u WeAr iT WiF uR InnER oR CarDiGaN~

AvAiLaBle In 3 coLors
(nOt RecOmmEndeD fOr FuSSy bUyeR)

SwEEt PiNk
SoLd OuT~

da DreSS dEsIgn..sweet?

tHe BuTTonS ArE oN da DreSS cHest~

CutE PuRpLe
reserved to fareza

ThE LaCe rIbbOns On dA DrEss cHeSt~

da DreSS dEsIgn..niCe huh?

LoVely BlUe

tHe BuTTonS ArE oN da DreSS cHest~

da DreSS dEsIgn.. irresisTibLe~

~SpUnKy pOiNt~

sPuNky ShOpPiNg PrOuDLy pReSenTiNg Da sPuNKY pOINts!!

GuEss wAt..wHen u BuYinG wiF SpUnkY ShOppIng..EveRy 1 rInGGit u sPend..u'll GeT 1PoinT..CoLLecT uR poInt TiLL 100 aNd i'LL giVe u fRee SHawL..

u mAy cHooSe uR FrEE sHaWl aCCorDing tO SeLeCteD sHaWl..dOnT wORRy.. i guAraNty iT's wIlL bE Worth it..

wAt r u WaitIng For... LetS sHoopiNg~

ur SpUnkY PoiNt WiLL be UpdAte EvEry SunDay..aNd u aLL cAn vIew uR SpUnkY PoiNt at SidE CoLumN oF tHis SpUnkY sHoPpiNg BlOg..

xoxo..alWayS lUv oUr CuStomER =)

d0uBLe InNeR SyRia =)

Hi DeAr...

aS wE PrOmiSe...tHe DoUbLe InnEr sYria is Now AVaiLabLe...=)

PrIce?? RM 12 FoR 1PiecEs..
Buy 2 aNd AboVe,i'LL gIVe U Rm10 pEr PieCes..
GReAT hUh? HuRRy,wHile StoCK LasT!!
ScRoLL DoWN fOr dA CoLorS....

TuRKisH DeLiGht
Hot Pink aNd GreY
1. sOLd tO AdAwIna
2. sOLd

RoCkEy RoAd
Grey And CrEam
1. sOLd tO SaRaH SaId
2. SoLd tO AiN

rIe - RiE
DarK bLue And BlaCk
1. AvAiLAbLe
2. AvAiLAbLe

PuRe MoOnLiGhT
GrEen AppLe and Black
1. sOLd tO AiN
2. AvAiLAbLe

AqUaMaRiNE anD BLack
1. ReSerVed tO fArEzA
2. AvAiLAbLe

BLanK anD WhiTe
1. SoLD tO ELiNa
2. SoLD tO LyNN

Pale MoonLigHt
OliVe and BlacK
1. AvAiLAbLe
2. AvAiLAbLe

OraNge and BlaCk
1. ReSerVed tO AiN
2. AvAiLAbLe

HoT PinK WiF BaBy BlUe
1. SoLd
2. SoLD tO LyNN

cORaL and cReam
1. SoLD tO LyNN
2. SoLd tO AzRiN

HarD TiMe
MidNight BlUe and BlacK
1. SoLd To ELiNa
2. sOLd

FudGe RiPPLe
NaVy BlUe and BlacK
1. SoLd To JujU
2. SoLd tO AiN

FreNch VaNiLLa
BaBy PurPlE and WhItE
1. SoLD tO LyNN
2. SoLd tO wAhiDa

TeAl And CrEam
1. SoLd tO MaRiSSa
2. SoLD tO LyNN

TeAL and BlaCk
1. AvAiLAbLe
2. AvAiLAbLe

BroWn and BlAck
1. SoLd To HaFiZA
2. SoLD

ChErRy BLoSsOm
CreAM ANd DarK MaRooN
1. SOLd tO ElINa
2. SoLd tO MaRiSSa

cHerrY sWeeT
pink and bLacK
1. SoLd tO MaRiSSa
2. sOLd
3. AvAiLAbLe

CheRry BeRry
BaBy PiNk aNd BaBy PuRplE
1. SoLd tO JuJu
2. SoLd To KaRniZa

GrEEn ApPle ANd CrEam
1. sOLd tO SaRaH SaiD
2. SoLD tO LyNN

d0uBLe InNeR SyRia

CoMinG So0N!!

aLeEyA DoUbLe InNer ScRafs
Wif AffordAblE pRiCE...

SeE Ya GuLz~ ;)

CoLoRs of EfaH PLain InnEr SyrIa

WhY eFah PlaIn SyrIA?

1. They are made from jersey fabric which means better quality than cotton

2. Vibrant colors to match ur shawls n clothes

3. Not feathery after wash

4. Strechable and comfort satisfaction

CoLoRs AVaILaBle

TeaL = sOld oUt
GoLd = sOld oUt
LiGht GrEEn = 4PieCes
DaRk MarOOn = 5PieCes
ReD = SoLd Out
GrEy = 1PiECe
OcEan BLue = 4PieCes
PeaCes = 1PieCes
DaRk PiNk = 4PieCes