eLeGaNt pUrPLe

hUh, aFtEr cHecKinG oUr stOcK..i FounD oUt tHat thEse tWo iTemS aRe nOt uPlOaDed iNtO OuR bLoG.. hoW cOuLd i miSs tHesE bOth eLegAnt cOloRs..huhu~

sOrrY dEaR..iF u waNt it..jUsT fiLL iN dA oRdEr fOrM yA? OnLy 1PieCes fOr eAcH itEm..hUrrY uP deAR..1st come 1st served..=)

sTriPe pAShmiNa RM10 (eXcLudinG poStaGe)
cOttOn sHawL rM15 (inCluDinG poStaGe)

puRpLe PasHmiNa (SP19)
sold to nadia..thanx dear =)
puRpLe cOttOn sHawL (BuBbLes 07)
sold to fazera


Im loVin' it..hihi~

faLL iN lOvE wif dA cOttOn sHaWLs..sEriUsLy....itS QuiTe lEbaR iF cOmpArE wIf sHawLs Yg BiaSe..StiLL..iTs vEry eAsy tO wEaR, SenaNg NaK bEntUk n xPaNaS laGsUnG!!

sUKe2..=) i HoPe oUr cUstOmErs wILL LovE it tOO...

NEw uPdAtE

~cRedit to yUna~

nEw UpdAte wILL be dA pLAiN PaShMInA fRoM iNdiA..sImiLar wIf PaShmINa wEaRinG bY yUnA in Da PiC...

WaiT ya Gurl..n CoLLeCt uR sPuNKy PoInts...

aLwaYs LuV oUr cUstOmER!!

p/s: InnEr sYriA..DouBLe anD PlaIn sTiLL aVaiLaBle..cliK oLdeR pOst foR AvaiLaBLe cOLoRs ye Dear...=)

JoRjEt sHaWLs

da jOrjEt sHawLs nOw AvAiLaBLe..veRy EaSy tO WeAr..SenAnG naK bEntUk anD x mEleKaP kT kEpaLe..lets Try..VaRietY of DesIgN wIf lOw PriCe..yey..jOm UsHa gUrL...=)

RM 12 (InCLUdInG pOstAge)


daRk PurpLe (DiDuMs 01)
sold to fareza
PuRpLe (DiDuMs 02)
sold to azza

bRoWN (DiDuMs 03)
1 sold to fazera
rEd (DiDuMs 04)
sold to nadia
bLaCk (DiDuMs 05)
1 sold to fazera

dUo tOnE..VeRy NiCe to WeAr

PUrPle (FiReWoRkS 01)
1 sold to fazera
bLaCk (FiReWoRkS 02)
1 sold to fazera
gReeN (FiReWoRkS 03)
1 sold to fazera
BrOwN (FiReWoRkS 04)
1 sold to fazera


FloWer dEsIGn oF jOrJet sHaWLs.. sGt2 sWeet..sPeciaLLy fOr SwEEt GuLs.. OnLy AvaILaBLe In tWo cOlOrs..

BlUe (aVeN 01)
sold to fareza, sold to lina
BrOwN (aVeN 02)
sold to nurdiana


rInG dEsIgN..CutE sgT..aLsO OnLy AvaILaBLe In tWo cOlOrs..

bRoWn (RiNg 01)
1 sold to fazera
pUrPLe (RiNg 02)
1 sold to fazera


eXclUsiVe DesiGn..nIce and SpUnKy
da OnLy CoLors AvaILabLe..=)
(FusHia 01)
1 available

BubbLes cOttOn sHaWLs

LoVeLy cOttON sHawLs..cOttOn ShaWls aRe vEry EasY to WeAr..HuRRy GurL..
New TreNd aNd NeW DesIgN..
da BubbLeS..

PrIce/Pcs = RM 15
(InCludiNg PoStaGe)

TurQuoise (BubbLeS 01)
1 sold to fathin, 1 sold to fazera, 1 sold for najaa, 1 taken by me..hihi~
BlAcK (BubbLeS 02)
1 sold to fathin, 1 sold to fazera, 1 sold to farhana
BrOwN (BubbLeS 03)
1 sold to fareza, 1 sold to fathin, 1 sold to lina

pInK (BubbLeS 04)
2 sold to alya, 1 sold to fazera, 1 sold to nurdiana
DaRk BrOwN (BubbLeS 05)
1 sold to fazera, 1 sold to abidah, 1 sold to wahida
ReD (BubbLeS 06)
1 available, 1 sold to fazera, 1 sold to lina

StRiPe PaShMinA

aS i ProMIse u aLL deAR..especially to PaShmiNa LOveRs...
HeRe iS dA StriPe PaShMiNA..
OnE pIecE fOr eacH cOloR..except for bLacK and DarK bRown..So, HuRRy uP gUrl..

itS me..weArIng da StRiPe PaShMina...ReaLLy eAsy tO WeAr and SuiTabLe If u WeAr WiF ur InnER syRia..=)

NoRmaL pRIcE : RM15
Now : RM10 (excluding PosTagE)

white (SP01)
1 reserved to nurdiana
BlaCk (SP02)
1 sold to azza, 1 sold to nadia, (sOld out dear..sorry)
LiGht BluE (SP03)
1 sold to nurdiana

ReD (SP04)
1 available
DaRk BrOWn (SP05)
1 sold to azza, 1 sold to nurdiana
WhIte 2 (SP06)
1 sold to azza

aQuA (SP07)
sold out~
BaBy PiNk (SP08)
1 sold to nadia
LigHt BrOwn (SP09)
1 available

DaRk PiNk (SP10)
1 sold to nurdiana
FoReSt (SP11)
1 sold to azza
NaVy BlUe (SP12)-refer below pic for real color
1 sold to fareza

maybe due to camera setting or the lighting..so, dis is the actual color of the navy blue..very dark blue.. =)

LigHt gReeN (SP13)
1 sold to nadia
BlUE (SP14)
sold out~
YeLLoW (SP15)
1 available

MArOOn (SP16)
1 available
CrEam (SP17)
1 sold to nadia
GreY (SP18)
sold to fareza

buZZy bEE

Hi dEAr...iM da OwnEr oF diS bLogShop..U cAn CaLL mE dibA..
i Love PaShmiNa sOO muCh..da Pic sHows iM weAriNg da PasHmiNa siLk+cOttOn..
soRRy..LatEly im tOO busy tO uPdaTe diS bLogShop..sOrry yE dEar...
i wiLL upLoaD da New PAsHmInA and ShAwL for All My BelOved CostOmEr..
da CottON sHaWL pOn aDe..dOnt foRgeT to CoLLecT uR SpUnkY pOints..

FoR aPrIL the HigHest PoiNt CoLLeCt bY LyNN!!
thAnx dEar..

WAit ye DeaR fOr NeW uPdAtE...

p/s: b'coz of da buzzyness..huhu..postage only be made on tuesday and friday..so..if u want ur item fast..plz..made da payment before tuesday and friday ye dear..thanx...=)

wE hAd bEEn feAtuREd.. ThaNx tO PoRtaL NiAgA aNdA~

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