eLeGaNt pUrPLe

hUh, aFtEr cHecKinG oUr stOcK..i FounD oUt tHat thEse tWo iTemS aRe nOt uPlOaDed iNtO OuR bLoG.. hoW cOuLd i miSs tHesE bOth eLegAnt cOloRs..huhu~

sOrrY dEaR..iF u waNt it..jUsT fiLL iN dA oRdEr fOrM yA? OnLy 1PieCes fOr eAcH itEm..hUrrY uP deAR..1st come 1st served..=)

sTriPe pAShmiNa RM10 (eXcLudinG poStaGe)
cOttOn sHawL rM15 (inCluDinG poStaGe)

puRpLe PasHmiNa (SP19)
sold to nadia..thanx dear =)
puRpLe cOttOn sHawL (BuBbLes 07)
sold to fazera