buZZy bEE

Hi dEAr...iM da OwnEr oF diS bLogShop..U cAn CaLL mE dibA..
i Love PaShmiNa sOO muCh..da Pic sHows iM weAriNg da PasHmiNa siLk+cOttOn..
soRRy..LatEly im tOO busy tO uPdaTe diS bLogShop..sOrry yE dEar...
i wiLL upLoaD da New PAsHmInA and ShAwL for All My BelOved CostOmEr..
da CottON sHaWL pOn aDe..dOnt foRgeT to CoLLecT uR SpUnkY pOints..

FoR aPrIL the HigHest PoiNt CoLLeCt bY LyNN!!
thAnx dEar..

WAit ye DeaR fOr NeW uPdAtE...

p/s: b'coz of da buzzyness..huhu..postage only be made on tuesday and u want ur item fast..plz..made da payment before tuesday and friday ye dear..thanx...=)