StRiPe PaShMinA

aS i ProMIse u aLL deAR..especially to PaShmiNa LOveRs...
HeRe iS dA StriPe PaShMiNA..
OnE pIecE fOr eacH cOloR..except for bLacK and DarK bRown..So, HuRRy uP gUrl..

itS me..weArIng da StRiPe PaShMina...ReaLLy eAsy tO WeAr and SuiTabLe If u WeAr WiF ur InnER syRia..=)

NoRmaL pRIcE : RM15
Now : RM10 (excluding PosTagE)

white (SP01)
1 reserved to nurdiana
BlaCk (SP02)
1 sold to azza, 1 sold to nadia, (sOld out dear..sorry)
LiGht BluE (SP03)
1 sold to nurdiana

ReD (SP04)
1 available
DaRk BrOWn (SP05)
1 sold to azza, 1 sold to nurdiana
WhIte 2 (SP06)
1 sold to azza

aQuA (SP07)
sold out~
BaBy PiNk (SP08)
1 sold to nadia
LigHt BrOwn (SP09)
1 available

DaRk PiNk (SP10)
1 sold to nurdiana
FoReSt (SP11)
1 sold to azza
NaVy BlUe (SP12)-refer below pic for real color
1 sold to fareza

maybe due to camera setting or the, dis is the actual color of the navy blue..very dark blue.. =)

LigHt gReeN (SP13)
1 sold to nadia
BlUE (SP14)
sold out~
YeLLoW (SP15)
1 available

MArOOn (SP16)
1 available
CrEam (SP17)
1 sold to nadia
GreY (SP18)
sold to fareza