nEveR gOes oUt of stYLe!!

chIffOn in da hOuSe!! yey..

iM sUrE ouR cUstOmErS wILL lUv iT coZ i dO..=)
lOveLy fOr dIs uPcOminG raYa!!
sOO..tHe pRicE is RM65 for 4mEteRs
bUT iF u bUy twO i'LL giVe u RM110 excLudinG poStaGe..
u mAy exChangE iF u dOnt likE iT..bUt da poStAgE cOst wiLL bE beAr bY cuStomeR =))

nEEd tO bE LinIng coZ 'jaRanG', sWeeT fOr bAjU kuRunG paHanG oR mODen..cOz dA mAteRiaL is vEry sOft...

daRk grEEn fLoweR (cHiffOn 01)

bLaCK fLoweR (cHiffOn 02)

~da acTuaL cOloR aS piC bElOw~

maROOn teArs (cHiffOn 03)

~da acTuaL cOloR aS piC bElOw~
dArK bRowN teArs (cHiffOn 04)
1 available

pUmpKin oRanGe (cHiffOn 05)

dArK bRowN wiFeY (cHiffOn 06)

dArK bLuE fLowEr (cHiffOn 07)
1 available