iM nOw coNtiNuinG mY sTudY aT uTeM aS a FkP sTUdEnt..

sO, UtEM sTudEnts aRe MosT weLcoMe tO tExt Me If u R iNteResTed iN aNy sHawLs oR PaShMiNa..We cAn MeEt wHeNeVer iM fReE..fOr oTheR cUsToMers ArOunD MeLaKa, u aLL cAn eMaIL me n wE cAn mEet if u wAnt tO sEE tHe iTeMs fOr Ur sELf..

tHanX a Lot tO aLL my BeLovEd cUstOmEr...lUV yA aLL

xoxo..sPunKy shOppiNg~